Life After Graduation

It’s already been over two months since the final exhibition. The first month I spent some time with my family, taking a break from school work and enjoying the nature. The second month I moved to a new place away from downtown, and also started my internship.

Life changed a lot during this short period of time…

First of all, I can finally say that I’m a designer with a master degree. A life full of challenges is waiting for me, I’m eager to explore how I could use my design skills to do interesting projects, and learn more about design in the real world. A lot of people asked about what exactly I learned, and what design means to me, I’ll make sure to write another article about it.

Secondly, I missed my classmates. Over the past two years at CCA I spent lots of time in the studio, seeing other people’s works, and asking advice from each other. Now that we are graduated, it’s going to be hard to get everyone together again. We still gathered sometimes to share what we’ve been up to, mostly about jobs. That’s the first challenge we have to face after graduation.

Finally, I got an internship after several months of job hunting and interviews. It’s a three-month design internship at Snibbe Interactive (now called “Kinesis Studio”), and I’m pretty excited about working there on different projects. Their works are totally related to what I did with my thesis works, and hopefully I can learn more about bringing projects to real clients instead of just experimenting and prototyping. I’ll write about the experience at Snibbe Interactive soon!

Even though I’m not a student anymore, I still want to learn more design skills and work on personal projects. I’ve been pushing myself to read more books, and also to spend some time thinking about where I want to be five or ten years from now. It’s only the beginning of my design career, and I’m sure I’ll continue establish my own point of view about what I can do as a designer, and eventually design a unique position for myself in the design world.

Cheers to the new life!