Life in Transition

It's already been a month since I went back to Taiwan. Because of my unfortunate work visa situation, I left San Francisco after 3 years of design adventures. It feels like back to square one; I have to get use to the hot weather and the rains in Taiwan, I have a find a new job and find a new place to stay. But the good thing is, I get to see my family and friends, and exploring things happening in Taiwan.

I spent the first two weeks staying with my parents and settling down in Kaohsiung, also had a small trip to Taitung to visit the hot balloon festival. And then I went to Taipei for a one-week interview was exhausting but insightful.

I've been contacting companies I'm interested in while I was still in San Francisco and setting up meetings to learn about potential job opportunities. It's nice to spend sometime learning about different companies and also learning about myself. People mostly asked about my stories, why I came back to Taiwan, why I changed from engineering to design, and then asked about what I'm interested in, and what I value the most when choosing a company. The more I answer these questions the more I think about my career path. Even though it's still the early stage of my career, I feel like different companies might lead me to very different directions. I could become an interaction designer who specializes in UX and prototyping, or a specialist in the design thinking behind IoT (internet of things), or an art & technology designer working for marketing campaigns or art exhibitions. The only thing that won't change is my interest in the combination of art, design and technology.

This week I took a break from the interviews and started to analyze myself, who I want to become, where I want to be, and how I can make a difference. I also met some friends to talk about my current situation, hoping to get a different point of view. For me, I want to be working as a designer/technologist, help deliver the best user experience, and actually make things happen using my technical skills. I want to be working with talented people with different backgrounds and learn from them. I also want to spend time working on fun and less stressful projects just to explore new ideas and new technologies, and meet people with similar interests. I feel like I still got lots of thinking to do, but no matter what, stay passionate on whatever I’m going to do next, and good luck!