My first Workweek - Mozlando

After joining Mozilla for three months, I finally got my first workweek experience at Orlando, aka “Mozlando”. Workweek is a semi annual events for people from Mozilla all over the world to gather and talk about our works and ideas in a week. Over a thousand of Mozillians were there working and networking with others in one place without the time differences we usually suffer when meeting with teams in Europe or North America. It’s a great opportunity for me as a newly hired to meet with other Mozillians and learn more about the future of Mozilla.


What’s happening?

We began this workweek by having a whole company meeting started up with some acapella singers on stage welcoming us, and with fluffy firefox toys on the seats for each of us. We heard about the past, present and future about Mozilla, and saw some new stuffs like Firefox for iPhone and the “Focus” app for iOS. We also got some new changes for the Firefox OS, pivoting from smart phones to connected devices, quite a big shock for us since the Taipei office was mainly focusing on Firefox OS.

Acapella Chris Beard Focus Ari

According to our CEO Chris Beard, Mozilla wants to focus on three pillars for 2016 - Build core strength, grow our influence, and prototype the future. We want to continue improving our strength on the browser and web, and also connect with more contributors and volunteers through our participation program, and lastly to innovate new product ideas by prototyping fast.

After this meeting we had a group photo outside of our venue, and also got our T shirts for this event. Pretty good start for the whole week!

Group Photo T-shirt

What did I do?

For this whole week there were tons of meetings scheduled beforehand for different teams to meet up and discuss what we've been working on. Since I was rather new to the company, I only attended several meetings about our Smart TV project, several meetings about our new connected devices direction, and also some UX related meetings.

Meetings Meetings

Besides meetings

After the meetings all day, we got different fun events scheduled for us throughout this week in the evenings. On Tuesday our team went to Holywood studios but it was a bit late so didn't spend much time there. On Wednesday we had a whole company buffet dinner at the Epcot center. There were drinks and different cultural performances on stage, and we even got to see the fireworks after the dinner! On Thursday we joined the UX team from North America to visit the Magic kingdom and we saw the parades and fireworks again.

Epcot Magic Kingdom

And lastly on Friday after the workweek was over, we had a whole company party in a restaurant near Disney Springs. There was food and desserts and music and dancing and video games, all kinds of fun stuff. We took some group photos at the photo booth and even danced with our CEO at the dance floor!

Dinner Photo Booth Photo Booth Dance Floor

More Workweeks?

To me, it’s not only the fun part that makes me excited about workweek, but also the fact that I can learn more about the company, about our passion, and meet with friends from different countries. I can’t wait to see more awesome works in our next workweek, London 2016 here we go!

Check out more Mozlando photos here: